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About Adam Blair

Adam Blair is a certified CPA who began his career with Ernst & Young focusing on Manufacturing, Retail, and Distribution clients. He graduated from Samford University with a Master of Business Administration in Accountancy and successfully passed the Certified Public Accountancy exam. After several years in public accounting, he accepted an opportunity to work for a technology start-up, MedMined, that was later acquired by Cardinal Health. Adam has served several retail businesses as an accountant and business partner in various roles. Today, he serves as the CFO of Main Street, Inc (a parent company of CheckWorks). As the resident financial expert at the company, he believes successful businesses take great care of their customers and focus on building a team of happy employees.

How to Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

Checks are still a commonly used payment form for many reasons, offering convenience and security when used properly. However, fraudsters can exploit vulnerabilities if the proper precautions are not taken, resulting in potential losses for banks, businesses, and consumers.

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The Enduring Relevance of Checks in Today’s Digital Finance World

Despite the rise of electronic transactions, checks remain significant in personal and business finances in 2024. Some people simply prefer to write checks rather than send electronic payments. Plus, checks can even be a more secure payment method. 

With numerous digital payment options, why do people continue using checks? Below, we’ll explore the advantages of check writing in 2024 and the various ways people continue to use checks in the digital age.

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