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Planning Financially for a Natural Disaster

In light of Hurricane Florence’s recent landfall in the Carolinas, it’s important to consider how natural disasters can impact your financial situation. Despite the emphasis placed on planning for an emergency in schools and throughout the media, many Americans remain unprepared and without a solid financial plan.

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CheckWorks to Share the Wealth With Wholesale Partner Program

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By MJ Plaster

CheckWorks has a long and successful history of bringing printed checks to the public. It pioneered the concept of direct-to-customer checks at a substantial savings over checks offered through their banks. In the 1960s, the company pioneered another check concept—designer checks—the fad that wouldn’t die and has become a staple with CheckWorks’ customers.

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CheckWorks, Inc. Announces Donation to PIASC RAISE Foundation

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CheckWorks, Inc. is pleased to announce their donation through the PIASC to the RAISE Foundation fundraising campaign for SkillsUSA.

CheckWorks, Inc. is delighted to make a donation to the PIASC Raise Foundations fundraising event. The Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) is participating in a fundraiser for the RAISE Foundation. The foundation is responsible for many educational events designed to benefit graphic arts education, including: T-shirt competitions, design and production competitions, literacy campaigns, merit badges for the Boy Scouts of America, and Skills USA.

The organization chose to have their donation go to the Skills USA, which provides grants so that students can compete in Skills USA as long as they participate in RAISE competitions. Skills USA championship events begin at the local level and showcase the best and the brightest with winners at the local level advancing to state competitions and state winners advancing to national competitions.

The purpose of the competition is to reward students for excellence while involving industry leaders in the evaluation process in hopes of identifying leaders of the future in various industries. Competitions are held in a wide variety of fields, including: robotics and automation technology, web design, technical computer applications, carpentry, graphic imaging sublimation, graphic communications, firefighting, 3-D visualization and animation, and advertising design – to name a few.

The main event actually consists of more than 100 separate events involving more than 6,000 contestants and requires nearly 1,500 judges, contest organizers, and others to pull off. CheckWorks, Inc. believes it is a worthy investment because the event helps to prepare the students of today who participate to be industry leaders of tomorrow in their perspective fields.

Each year’s SkillsUSA competition will have a unique theme. The theme for the 2015-2016 year is: “SkillsUSA: Champions at Work – Connecting You to Career Success.” The theme needs to be prevalent, appearing in the chapter display, prepared speech, and promotional bulletin board.

CheckWorks, Inc. is excited about what contests like the SkillsUSA competition mean for the students of today and the futures of many industries.