CheckWorks to Share the Wealth With Wholesale Partner Program

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By MJ Plaster

CheckWorks has a long and successful history of bringing printed checks to the public. It pioneered the concept of direct-to-customer checks at a substantial savings over checks offered through their banks. In the 1960s, the company pioneered another check concept—designer checks—the fad that wouldn’t die and has become a staple with CheckWorks’ customers.

Now the company is preparing to share the wealth to reach even more individuals and businesses who pay hefty fees to their banks for checks. CheckWorks is proud to announce its new wholesale division, which is coming soon and will enable printers, accountants, consultants and other businesses to reach out to their customers with discount checks marketed under their own brand.

Director of Marketing Bryan Cambra says, “Over the past year we have received numerous requests to open wholesale accounts for resellers. In response to this demand we have decided to fully develop our wholesale program to meet the needs of these businesses. We look forward to working with a wide variety of businesses, sharing our experience and helping them achieve success with check sales. Our primary focus is going to be building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and that means supporting them in any way that we can.”

Turn Checks Into Cash
CheckWorks is extending an invitation to a range of professionals to become a partner and branch out into check printing with little-to-no expenditure. With the cost of new-customer acquisition skyrocketing, the wholesale partner program offers an avenue for them to reach out to their current customer base to generate additional revenues. Further, our partners’ customers will be able to secure cost-effective checks directly from professionals with whom they already have an established relationship.D3V_9788

Our partners will be able to offer 60 personal, designer check options to individual customers and a line of business checks that integrate with any accounting software.

Jurissa Ayala, marketing associate and senior account specialist, is excited about the new program because it represents a triple win: one for the customer, one for CheckWorks and one for the company’s partners. “We want our partners to succeed, and to extend the lifetime value of their current customer base while they offer an additional valuable service. To help them succeed in the partnership, we offer free, personalized marketing tools as well as market intelligence reports and personalized support,” she says.

According to Ayala, each partner receives a personal account manager. She says, “Wholesale partners don’t have to get to know a new wholesale team member each time they have a request or need assistance.”

To Participate in the CheckWorks Program
To receive more information on the program, contact the whole sale team toll free 1-888-793-7353 or email