Top 5 Financial Resolutions for 2019

As humans, we all have the vices that we would rather not have. Money definitely acts like one of those vices. For this reason, millions of Americans set money-related resolutions every New Year.

But, things don’t turn out so well when studies show that less than 10 percent of people keep their New Year’s resolutions every year. That’s why this article will reveal five top financial resolutions that you can make in 2019, as well as give you tips to make sure you keep them.

Resolution #1: Pay Bills Right After You Get Paid

A budget strategy that you can incorporate is paying bills right after payday. You’ll get a much better sense of what you can actually afford every month. You also won’t ever have late payments get reported to the three credit bureaus.

When you pay your bills early, it also improves your credit utilization, which then betters your credit score. It does this by decreasing the balance that gets listed on your statement every month.

Resolution #2: Add More Money To Your Emergency Fund

One study actually found that over half of Americans don’t have an emergency fund. You don’t want to tempt fate in this way as this can put you in danger of getting overwhelmed by financial trouble, such as emergency medical expenses. If you plan on undergoing a financial overhaul, your first order of business is adding more money to your rainy day fund.

Experts recommend that you have between 12 to 18 months worth of your monthly salary in your emergency fund. If you decide that this will be your financial resolution, realize that the money will not magically appear in your account overnight. You will need to put in a few dollars here, a few dollars there until you reach your goal.

Resolution #3: Become More Healthy in 2019

Many people have found a connection between emotional, physical, and financial health. For example, the average person spends over $4,000 on health care costs every year. Medical experts also say that money acts as one of our biggest stressors. Plus, people who are fanatical about getting their workout in every day tend to have better credit scores.

When you exercise and eat a healthy diet, you will save a lot in health care costs. While getting healthier is never an easy task, you’ll see results in many different areas of your life.

Resolution #4: Make a Budget and Stick to It in 2019

Did you know that Americans collectively have over $1 trillion in credit card debt? You may not be so surprised when you hear that less than half of all Americans actually have any kind of budget. If you don’t cut back on your expenses, you’ll miss payments and damage your credit.

To make a budget, gather all of your bills and make a list of every recurring expense you have. Next, rank the expenses in order of importance. Budget items such as food, housing, and healthcare should get top billing on this list. Now cut from the bottom of your budget list until what you save is higher than the amount going out every month. Make sure you’re keeping to your budget by tracking your spending.

Resolution #5: Look For a Higher Paying Job

We can get so caught up in budgeting and paying down debt that we don’t pay attention to the amount of money we actually take home from our jobs. Finding a higher-paying job could benefit you way more than any of the other resolutions on this list.

However, looking for a job may be a lot harder than searching Craigslist. For example, you might have to move from your current location for a lower cost of living or higher wages. You might also consider going back to school to gain new skills that are more needed in the marketplace.