Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for Christmas 2018

The season for gift-giving has arrived, and for many this means making wise decisions that won’t break the budget. However, finding budget-friendly Christmas gifts is challenging. Here are the best budget-friendly Christmas gifts for 2018.

Electric Car Blanket

This blanket is perfect for a winter road trip. The fleece, 12-volt electric blanket can be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. This lightweight blanket is equipped with a thin wire that heats up to provide warmth.

The blanket also features a 96-inch long cord which allows backseat passengers to also use it. This 100% polyester blanket comes in several different colors. The dimensions are 59” X 43”. Stalwart sells this blanket for $43 on various online platforms.

Custom Handwriting Bracelet

If you are looking for a more personalized gift, a custom handwriting bracelet from Etsy is an ideal choice. You can often choose from three finishes, including silver, rose gold, or regular gold. This item is a keepsake and allows you to memorialize those you’ve lost or to give a special message to those you hold dear. These bracelets can usually be purchased for just under $30.

Bluetooth Wireless Beanie

For music lovers, the iSuperb Bluetooth wireless beanie hat is the perfect present. In addition to keeping your head warm, this item is hands-free and features a microphone and stereo headphones.

The hat is ideal for active people and can be worn while engaging in outdoor activities like running or skiing. It connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and the battery has 60 hours of standby time. This 100% acrylic hat retails for $17.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

This is the perfect gift for people who are extremely busy in the morning. The Breakfast Sandwich Maker by Hamilton Beach allows you to assemble your sandwich all at once using ingredients of your choosing. Once the ingredients are assembled, it only takes 5 minutes for the sandwich to cook.

The removable parts of this appliance are dishwasher safe. The plates are made of a durable nonstick coating. For a little under $20, this gift is great for busy parents or college students.

Snow Tube 

For the young or the young at heart, a snow tube bodes well in colder climates. Slip and slide down slippery slopes on this gift that can easily turn into an all-day activity. Snow tubes retail for approximately $20.

Homemade Baked Goods

Bake some bread or cookies and give it to the ones you love. Find out what type of baked goods your friends and family enjoy and give them as gifts. Baking is a fun and inexpensive way to engage in gift-giving. Make sure that your ingredients don’t contain any allergens that may make your friends or family ill.

Put the baked goods in some nice packaging and give it as a gift. This can even become a tradition that people look forward to each year. Prices for this gift vary depending on what you’re making. For instance, the ingredients needed for a dozen chocolate cookies cost about $3.

Even if you’re working with a tight budget, there are many meaningful gifts available this holiday season. Avoid getting into massive amounts of debt and purchase some of these affordable but practical presents for your family and friends.