What Your Spending Style Says About Your Personality

Have you ever heard of a ‘money personality’? Chances are, you have one. It might reveal more about you than you realize. 

Your money personality is linked to your spending style. How do you manage your money? There are multiple ways to react when you come into some money, and sometimes your behavior might fit into more than one spending style.

Not only will getting to grips with your spending style help you manage your money more effectively, it might also help you to gain a deeper understanding of your overall personality. 

Accepting your spending traits and appreciating the benefits as well as the negatives should give you a deeper understanding of how to behave with your money.

What are the five main spending styles?

The Splurger. Signs you are a Splurger: You can’t resist that new release from your favorite brand, no matter the price tag. Bargains do not mean much to you, and you are much happier securing the latest piece of technology or buying an awesome new car.

Splurgers are almost always comfortable spending money, without spending too much time considering the financial consequences. As a result, they can make for great gift-givers and they might own pretty swanky homes.

The size of the purchase is rarely an issue to the splurger. The key characteristic that differentiates them from other spending styles is that they would prioritize making a ‘statement purchase’ over worrying about debt.

If you can continue spending at this rate without worrying about negative consequences, nobody can advise you against that. However, it might be worth it to map out all of your large purchases and consider which ones will truly continue to bring you happiness.


The Shopper. Signs you are a Shopper: You find yourself constantly spending money on whimsical purchases, to the disdain of your credit card. You realize that you might be living on the edge with your purchases, but you find it difficult to break the habit of shopping.

Shoppers make smaller purchases than the Splurger, but they might be just as frequent. The key difference is that shoppers are often aware they should not be making certain purchases, but cannot resist them.

One thing for shoppers to bear in mind is that their spending is often linked to getting an emotional high. Consider areas of your life which might be leading you to spend more on random purchases, and how you can change those. Try to find that emotional high through other people or events.


The Saver. Signs you are a Saver: Savers look for every opportunity to save money. Whether that be meticulously turning off lights after leaving each room or entering three different grocery stores looking for the best deal, the saver’s priority is not losing money unnecessarily.

While Splurgers and Shoppers might derive satisfaction from spending money on the latest trends or an expensive piece of technology, the Saver will usually feel better if they see that extra money in their bank statement.

Savers are sensible with their money and do not take risks, but sometimes this can backfire. Friends and family might struggle to understand why they never seem willing to part with their money, and the Saver may miss out on events and hobbies that would have made them happy.

Being secure with your money is great, but definitely try to think about why you are saving your money. Consider setting some aside to commit to experiences with friends and family, or personal hobbies.


The Giver. Signs you are a Giver: You tend to see the good in people, and spending your money on gifts or charitable causes is what brings you the most happiness. People recognize you as a generous soul, always looking to make others happy.

Although your kind habits are likely appreciated by everyone around you, do ensure that you are financially secure yourself. 

Giving to those less fortunate than ourselves is a cornerstone of a healthy society, but not at the cost of your own personal finances. Just like the Saver, consider putting some money aside that you will give to others. The rest can go towards your own savings or expenses.


The Investor. Signs you are an Investor: Not just content with saving money, investors try to take an active approach to make more money through wise investments. Ultimately, Investors want to see the day in which they can rely on their investment portfolio for passive income.

If you are an Investor, you are likely content with a certain amount of risk. You realize that fortunes are not made without taking some leaps. This attitude works alongside a solid understanding of finances and how to gain the most interest from your money.

Your financial literacy is great, but always remember that there is more to life than your investments. If you ever find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of financial ups and downs, take some time out to spend on things or people you enjoy.

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