5 Checks for Every Money Personality

Your money personality dictates the way you do a lot of things: the way you spend, how you pay, and even the kinds of checks you might want to use! 

We have discussed the different spending styles and money personalities before, and they can generally be divided into five categories. 

  • The splurger. A spontaneous spender that loves nothing more than buying the latest gadget or some new clothes. A splurger can sometimes run into financial difficulties if their purchases catch up with them, or if they do not monitor the size of their purchases.

  • The practical businessperson. This individual would use most of their checks on professional purchases, such as office equipment or a wise investment. They do not splurge for the sake of it. 

  • The saver. A saver is defined by the fact that they think more than twice about all purchases they make – big or small. Often reluctant to part with their hard-earned cash, the saver will not be handing over any checks unless they are convinced that they really need whatever they are purchasing.

  • The giver. The giver is a generous spirit that spends most of their spare cash on making other people happy. Whether it be sending gifts or making charitable donations, you can be sure that most of their checks will not be cashed in on themselves.

  • The busy professional. This hardworking soul needs to keep track of all their expenses. Organized bookkeeping is the order of the day, and their checks will cover all kinds of different transactions. One week they could be spending on a business trip, and the next they could be entertaining some professional guests at a dinner party.

Now that we know which money personalities we are talking about, let us dive into the best check designs for every personality!

A spontaneous spender may feel more than comfortable with a collection of whimsical checks that reflect their desire not to take money too seriously. To them, purchases are just a bit of fun and their checks should show that!

On the other end of the spectrum, the serious professional businessperson might prefer a design that nods to their background. Our Wall Street Desk Checks are straight-to-the-point in their design – perfect for a businessperson wanting to take their investments to the next level.

A saver might be looking for very low-key checks that do not remind them of the fact that they are spending their money. In that case, our simple and ultra-secure Classic Safety Checks should do the trick. 

Savers also tend to be fairly traditional and practical, in which case Antique Checks also suit their needs.

One of the simplest matches to make: every giver should have some gift checks in their life. Whether birthday or Christmas themed, gift checks are a great way to remind a giver of the joy they bring others so often.

Finally, we turn to the busy professional. Their life is non-stop, so their collection of checks should be just as flexible. From sending payments to colleagues to managing payroll, the professional could do with an organized set of Multipurpose Checks with Record-Keeping Stubs.