NEW Free Shipping Checks: Best Designs & More

CheckWorks has always looked for ways to make personal checks more affordable for the average person. That dedication is continuing today, as we release our new line of free shipping checks, perfect for the average household. These personal checks, available in smaller quantities, are a convenient way for the occasional check writer to save time and money.

Even though most of our day-to-day transactions are digital or by card, checks still play an important role in society. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, Americans are still writing an average of three checks per month. In light of those low numbers, a large box of personal checks isn’t practical. We know you need the right size solution for you, and that is the philosophy behind our new check offerings.

If you don’t order personal checks because there would be too many, you will be left with the options of a difficult to track money order or an expensive cashier’s check. Banks charge an average of $10 to $15 for each cashier’s check. If you send a cashier’s check for every housing payment, you would spend at least $120 for checks printed directly from your bank per year.

Clearly, having your own personal checks is more convenient, but is it really more affordable if you’re only writing a few checks a month? Families also change dynamics, residences, and more on a regular basis, creating inevitable waste from large check orders. CheckWorks believes everyone should have equal and affordable access to their accounts and payment methods. That’s where our new smaller, affordable check quantities come in to save the day.

Our new free shipping personal checks are designed with this consumer in mind. For less than the price of one cashier’s check, you can order a small box of checks with free shipping that meets your needs. Our new check category offers 30 single checks for $5.99 or 36 duplicate checks for $6.99 – and in both cases you will not pay shipping for your personal checks.

Best-Selling Free Shipping Checks

We offer a limited range of personal check styles with this new offer. These checks are simple in design, but offer all of the same security features as those bought in larger quantities. Here are a few of the most common designs our customers are choosing for their small personal check orders.

  • The Executive Grey Basic Personal Checks are our best seller. These checks are simple, but they still offer design and style. When you want a no nonsense check suitable for any transaction, the Executive Grey personal checks are a sophisticated option.
  • Blue Marbled Basic Personal Checks are also very popular. These checks are also simple in design, with a stylish imperial blue ribbon across the top and a faded blue marbling to give them a bit of extra flair. 
  • Imperial Blue Basic Checks are another professional but stylish blue pattern. Instead of looking like blue marble, these checks will be a blue of varying fading effects. This is just as professional as the Executive Grey checks for freelancers and other remote workers.
  • For those who want a fun check that matches their lifestyle, the Rainbow Toe Beans basic personal checks are right for you. These simple white checks have a rainbow of faded pastel paw prints in random patterns and a variety of colors.

Ready to discover more options within our collection of free shipping personal checks? Browse today to find the right checks for you.