The Best Check Designs for Millennials

Even though you probably only write checks a few times per month, it is still important to have them on hand. Some people are worried about the initial cost of checks, but often a book of checks costs less than the average cashier’s check from your bank. The book of checks gives you far more transactions, but you should plan ahead and order checks before you will need them.

If you’re like most Millennials, you probably stay pretty busy and don’t have time to search through hundreds of check options. Just as with other items, décor, and accessories that exude personal style, you should have checks that make you smile as you poise your pen. Here are the most popular check designs for Millennials to jump start or narrow your search.

Colorful Accents

Do you detest the busy patterns that come on some personal checks? If you prefer a minimalist approach but don’t want to have boring checks, you can get the middle ground with the Colorful Accents basic checks. These checks feature three complimentary splashes of color blended beautifully for a sophisticated but modern pattern. They are best loved by those embracing the futuristic simplicity and feel of the ultra-modern movement.

Royal Blue Gingham

Plaid styles are coming back into fashion with the Millennial’s constant craving for retro and vintage fashion. The Royal Blue Gingham checks offer an unobtrusive but stylish pattern that fades to the background of the check so that the pattern doesn’t interfere with the check writing but is still plainly visible. If you find yourself wearing more plaid, carry it over to your checks that also come in other plaid styles.

Succulent Shadows

Caring for a plant has been synonymous with maturity for quite a few years, and it really started with the Millennials. Most felt unprepared for the world and taking care of a plant can make you feel more stable and competent. Most plants require a watering and fertilization schedule, although some are not as strict as others.

Succulents are among the most popular plants for busy people, as they require little sustenance, infrequent watering, and are fairly impossible to kill accidentally. As long as you remember them ever week or so, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping them alive. They are also very easy to clone. You can celebrate your ability to keep your succulents alive with this unique and personal check design.

Rainbow Toe Beans

Millennials love their pets so much that #toebeans is a very common and popular hashtag on social media. Everyone loves to see those tiny little paws, and those pics light up the day of many people, even those who don’t have pets of their own. If you want to show your enthusiasm for your pets, or just make someone smile, hand out checks with these adorable toe beans of varying pastels as a backdrop for your check writing.

Of course, this is not all encompassing of the interests of this generation. You can also get designer checks with other popular patterns in the new free shipping checks collection.