How to Make to Secure Offline Payments

With recent global conflicts threatening cybersecurity, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself and your finances protected. In addition to overarching internet fraud, cyberattackers will frequently target online payment systems. Cryptocurrency in particular has been the talk of potential scams and overseas cybercrime.

In order to prevent your finances from being the target of similar attacks, it’s best to resort to offline payment methods when possible. Conducting large, important transactions digitally can leave you vulnerable, but there are safe workarounds. 

Use your checkbook 

Did you know that writing a check can take about the same amount of time as configuring a Venmo transaction? What’s more, at least partial funds from your check can be available right away upon depositing. If you cash a check, that can be available even quicker. 

Meanwhile, digital transactions can take 1-3 business days to transfer to your bank account if you’re trying to avoid additional fees. In many cases, checks prove to be a convenient, totally secure, loss-proof payment method. Stop payment options are available if you discover you’ve been the victim of a scam. Furthermore, the fact that they are traceable and not easily cashed by just anyone makes them less appealing to thieves. 

You can also find some advanced safety features that further safeguard your transactions, such as: 

  • Chemically sensitive paper: Prevents check washing and tampering with chemical solvents, making it resistant to alteration. 
  • Microprint signature line: This tiny “MP” lettering near the signature line is impossible for a copier/printer to replicate with the same clarity. 
  • Security screen: A very faint, reversed text on the back of the check that cannot be duplicated with a copier or scanner. 

Opt for EZShield

When in doubt, add-ons like EZShield fraud and identity protection give your checks an extra layer of protection. For as low as $1.99, this addition at checkout offers coverage for up to $25,000 of qualified losses. This keeps the customer covered in the event of forged signatures, forged endorsements, or altered checks. 

Should a scam or fraudulent event occur, customers are also assigned a resolution specialist with which they will work one-on-one to restore their identity in cases of identity theft. 

Refer to the above chart for a complete list of benefits, and differences between our two premier EZShield services. With identity theft and financial fraud ever-rampant in today’s digital world, a safety net like EZShield never hurts.