Give the Gift of a Check this Holiday Season

As you begin to consider holiday gift-giving, presenting friends and family with a check may not top your list of festive ideas. However, with some of our new holiday checks, it might actually be one of the best presents you can give this season. 

The new Holiday & Gift Check collection from Checkworks features a variety of designs covering every occasion, including Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Lunar New Year, and beyond. 

Click on one of our many new holiday check designs below to see more options. 

There are a number of reasons these gift checks might make favorable presents this year. 

More Secure

Gifting a check is far more secure than gifting cash. For starters, there’s more accountability in the event of a lost check than there is with cash. We all know how easily things can get misplaced in a flurry of holiday excitement. 

If a gift check is misplaced, the gifter can easily cancel or put a stop on the check before fraud can take place. Meanwhile, with cash, there’s no assurance you will see that money again. 

Furthermore, a check will contain the recipient’s name, making it less likely to be improperly claimed by somebody else. If an unwrapped cash gift is left lying around, somebody could easily misconstrue it as their own. 

More Festive

Sure, your cash gift can be stuck inside a card with a sentimental message, but that doesn’t change the fact that all that will come pouring out of the card is drab, monotonous cash. 

Gift checks have fun and amusing designs that speak to the specific occasion you’re gifting for. You can still slip it inside a festive card and achieve double the awe. 

With a bright, warm, colorful design, your gift check will be far more memorable than an envelope full of money — and who doesn’t want to be remembered for a gift so generous? 

With our Lunar New Year check designs, you can even slip these into the lucky red envelopes normally used to distribute cash to friends and family. 


Whether you’re mailing your gifts this year due to the pandemic, or simply because of a long-distance matter, there’s no doubt checks are safer than cash in the mail. Though the U.S. Postal Service does not outright discourage senders from mailing cash, they do state that traceable checks are preferable. 

For one, if a check gets lost in the mail, the sender can easily put a stop payment on the check. With cash, chances are you’ll have to just kiss it goodbye. 

Furthermore, checks are far more manageable for the recipient as well. Nowadays, so many bank mobile apps allow customers to mobile deposit checks from their phones. Meanwhile, placing cash in your account still requires a trip to the bank. Encourage the safety of your friends and family when you allow them the option of remote depositing their gift.  

Our Gift Checks are available now for only $5.99 per single box (30 checks). Free shipping included!