New Year, New Checks: Putting Checks to Use in 2021

Recently, we explored why holiday checks make great gifts. Not only are they inherently more secure than gifting cash,  they’re simply more festive — and the festivities don’t have to end at Christmas designs. 

Our holiday gift checks are a popular choice for the pandemic year of 2020, primarily because they allow for easy socially-distanced gift-giving and remote depositing. However, they have holiday uses beyond the traditional gift-giving holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas. 

In fact, some of our most popular selections are our New Year’s checks. Here are a few ways these festive checks can help bring in a 2021 full of prosperity, fortune, and better times. 

Spread Goodwill 

Everyone’s wishing for a better year than 2020 — but some more than others. Many people are down on their luck as a result of the pandemic, whether because of unemployment, poor health, or loss. 

One wise way to kick off the new year with good sentiments for yourself and for others is to donate to someone in need. This can be somebody you know personally, like a small business owner who has been impacted or an immunocompromised friend with no means of support. 

It can also be a charity that supports people who have been exceptionally impacted by current circumstances. There are many popular COVID-19 nonprofits to explore based on the circumstances you’re looking to support. 

Furthermore, this year is the year to write a check as less charities are accepting more personalized donations like sack lunches and clothing due to hygiene concerns, and more are encouraging monetary contributions. 

Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, arrives a little later in 2021. Though it will be celebrated on Feb. 12, it’s never too early to begin preparing. Traditionally, red envelopes (called hongbao) filled with money are distributed on Lunar New Year as a symbol of good fortune. 

The color red itself is a symbol of positive energy and good fortune. That’s why we’ve embraced the traditional red and gold color palette of these age-old envelopes in our new Lunar New Year checks

Featuring illustrations of ever-iconic symbols like the dragon, cherry blossoms, and lanterns, these checks are perfect for tucking into red envelopes in place of cash next year. 

Celebrating New Beginnings

Perhaps you and your family celebrate gift-giving culture on New Year’s instead of Christmas. This is a popular custom in many European countries, particularly those that honor the Gregorian calendar which marks Christmas Day as being after the New Year. 

If this falls in line with how you and your loved ones celebrate, then the Celebrations check design will be just right for marking the grandeur of the occasion. 

No matter what the New Year symbolizes for you, the holiday season is all about embracing generous spirit. Finding a check design that accompanies the message you want to send doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can oftentimes be more meaningful than your standard card.