Inexpensive Ways to Ensure Home Security

Your home is your most important possession, and it is understandable that you want to implement effective security features to ward off any potential trespassers. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive ways to make your home more secure.

Install motion sensor lights

Alerting you to the presence of people (or possibly animals) outside your property, motion sensor lights are triggered by movement. If someone is lurking outside your front door, they will set off a motion sensor light that will signal to you that there is someone there.

Motion sensor lights do not need to cost the earth. In fact, they cost an average of $20 per bulb to install, with electrician fees coming in at around $50-60 per hour. Fortunately, the lights should not take more than one or two hours to install.

No more spare keys under the mat

If you are taking your home security seriously, it is time to ditch the doormat method. Potential burglars will know to check under doormats for spare keys to your house, so investing around $25 in a combination lockbox can keep your key safe.

Video doorbells

With the boom of video doorbell systems such as Ring, LAPD has confirmed that they do indeed reduce crime rate.

More specifically, the police force conducted a study into two neighborhoods – one where each property had a video doorbell installed, and the other did not. It was reported that burglaries were down 50% in the neighborhood with video doorbells.

The deterrent is simple – burglars do not want to be seen, and even less, spoken to. With the Ring system, you can see whoever is outside your home, and interact with them even if you are not at home. It connects to Wi-Fi, and you receive a notification on your mobile device every time your doorbell is rung.

“If someone is around your car at 3 a.m., and you talk to them, they will run”.

Ring doorbell systems start from $199 – not as cheap as other methods on this list but certainly a very effective one for discouraging burglars.

Alternatively, you can install your own security cameras that can be monitored through your phone. This can give you even more peace of mind. Choosing the right security camera system can require a fair amount of research, however!

Other ways to secure your home on the cheap (or for free)

  • It may sound simple, but lock your windows and doors! Many people lock their door, especially when they aren’t home, but windows often remain unlocked. Around 23% of burglars target first-floor windows, knowing that many people do not bother to lock them.
  • Don’t tempt burglars by leaving your valuables on display. Leaving cash, wallets or other items of value easily visible is like an invitation for burglars to attempt to access your home. Simply keeping your valuables stashed away in drawers or cupboards reduces the chances that a burglar will target your home.
  • Consider reinforcing your doors. Your doors might be locked, but are they flimsy? Perhaps one kick would be enough for it to cave in. Amazon lists a number of door reinforcement kits in the region of $10-30.
  • Replace your old mailbox. Thieves can often target unprotected mailboxes. If yours is old or simply doesn’t require a key to open, consider buying a mailbox that is more secure. Thieves can gain plenty of your personal information by rummaging through your mail!