Benefits of Encouraging Your Teen to Work

Many parents are reluctant to encourage their teenagers to find a job. They worry it will be a challenge for teens to juggle work and school. However, this dynamic might actually teach them balance and better equip them with a sense of responsibility.

There’s a lot your teen can gain from a part-time job – and that’s not just extra spending money. 

They’ll Learn Time Management Skills 

It is hard for many teens to be in school all day and work during the evenings or on the weekends. However, having a job teaches teens how to manage their time. They will know that they may have to say no to certain activities because they have to complete their assignments by a certain time and get to work on time.

A major part of being adult is having to juggle multiple activities. Adjusting to adult life will be a lot easier if one learns how to balance their responsibilities and leisure time as a teen.

They Will Better Appreciate the Value of Money 

Parents know how expensive things can be. Even though teens know that everything costs money, they underestimate just how much things can cost. The cost of clothes, cars and electronics can add up over time.

Teens who work will better understand the value of money, and as a result, will develop more conscientious spending habits. This will also help them develop the discipline for saving money. Most importantly, however, it’ll mean they stop asking you for cash on the weekends!

It Will Add to their Resume 

These days, it takes a lot more than just a good education to get a job. Employers are looking for people who have work experience. In fact, most employers are reluctant to hire someone who has never worked before. Even if a person has made excellent grades their entire life, they may still have trouble getting a job if they have never had one.

Teens who start working will be able to put together their resume early in life. They will have an advantage over others applying for a job when they reach young adulthood.

It Will Solidify Their Work Ethic 

Having a job will help your teen develop a better work ethic. This consists of learning to be more punctual, respect authority, follow directions, work collaboratively with coworkers, and maintain a professional demeanor.

Having a strong work ethic that consists of the above skills is practical for school too. Teens who have a well-honed work ethic as a result of their jobs will likely perform better in school due to the skills and considerations that come along with it. Teens who work typically retain much better discipline that their non-employed peers.

It Allows Them to Develop Crucial and Practical Skills 

Regardless of the type of job your teens chooses, they will develop skills that will benefit them later in life. Customer service savvy, prioritization, money handling, and interviewing are just a few of the skills that teens will pick up. Even if teens think that they cannot use these skills now, they will certainly be able to use them later down the road.

Furthermore, a Canadian study has found that teens who work increase their chances of having better, higher-paying jobs later on in life. So, whether it’s helping out with the family business or working 15 hours a week at their local coffee shop, you may be benefiting your teen’s future by sending them out into the workforce.