Finding Affordable Extracurriculars for Kids

Childhood is made up of many activities, memories, and special moments. Many of these activities are some we are begrudgingly forced into like school or a doctor’s visit. But the ones we look back on fondly are those that brought us great joy, taught us a skill, or made us stronger.

These often help mold us into the adults we are today as they teach us valuable lessons within ourselves and with others. Extracurricular activities can help guide a child in the right direction by teaching them discipline, hard work, and dedication all while having fun.

For many kids, running to the field for practice, cleaning their instrument in order to play it, or tying the satin straps of ballet shoes is the best part of the day. Although a great way to spend after school and weekend time, these activities rarely come cheap.

Many families cannot afford the luxury of little league, dance academy, or theatre group fees. Luckily, there are many options for all interests and budgets. How can you get your kids involved in extracurriculars without breaking the bank? Let’s find out.

After School Programs

Before looking elsewhere for activities, a good place to start is your child’s very own school. School-sponsored clubs, sports, and events help your kids get familiarized with other students while playing or practicing at a convenient location where they already are.

There’s no travel involved, and fees are usually less than at a business-oriented establishment. Coaches are the teachers from the school so they are easily accessible and practice times are right after school ends so there is little time for any other distractions.


The library is a great place to get started on your quest to finding activities for cheap. Everything from circle time for toddlers, reading programs for young kids, tutoring for middle and high school-aged kids, games for all, events, and so much more can be found at your local library.

The best part is that these are all usually free of charge. Check out your neighborhood branch to see what the activities calendar looks like and get your kids involved where fun meets education.

In addition to recreational options, your local library can be a volunteering option as well. Whether to fulfill service hours or simply as a way to give back, your kids could be of service to the community at your neighborhood library.

Community Centers

Many neighborhoods across the country have community centers that cater to the residents of the area. From young to seasoned, there are activities available for every age group.

Sports leagues, indoor play, group meetups, and even art classes are commonly found here and usually at cheaper prices than you would normally find at other centers. Discounts are also offered to residents of the area.


For a varied selection of activities, a church can be a solid option. Divided into age groups, the activities available at a church can be a place where your child can build connections with other kids in a similar age range.

This can make it easier to create friendships and bonds. All kinds of denominations and religions offer programs for their young members. With little to no fees associated with participation, church-related extracurricular activities can fit nicely into any budget.

Build Your Own Group

When all else fails, your best bet can be to take matters into your own hands and start your very own group. By gathering the kids in the area, you can have more than enough heads to start a team or even form a band. And the best part is that you are in charge, so you set the budget.