5 Ways to Curb Seasonal Spending

Purchasing gifts for the holidays has long been the bane of many living on a budget, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy watching loved ones opening gifts without going into massive debt.

Ideas are everywhere for those shopping, and some people have learned that just the act of giving a person something they might need instead of want is the best gift of all.

Creating memories does not need to be expensive, so check out these buying and creating tips to help keep the year ending budget from blooming like a poinsettia.

Bake, don’t buy

Many people of all ages have happy memories of special baked treats from when they were younger, and the internet has millions of recipes available for free.

Clicking through a few websites to find quick and easy ways to recreate those memories could be one of the best ways to save money while providing loved ones with new memories they can share and pass down to their own children.

Baking is a great way to fill a home with joy during the holidays, and it is an inexpensive way to create new memories for each generation. Wrap your baked goods elegantly in a decorative cellophane bag with a ribbon and they’ll be sure to make even more of an impression.

Wait it out

Many of the high-priced items of the season go on sale as soon as December 26 rolls around. So, if you know your gift exchange isn’t happening until after the holiday, you might want to wait for those post-holiday sales.

Clothing, wrapping paper, and electronics all see some heavy discounts after Christmas, so as long as you don’t mind doing a little bit of last-minute work, you’ll definitely save money and time not spent waiting in enormously long lines.

Opt for stocking stuffers instead

Families continue to grow as children become adults, get married and have their own children. It does not have to expand the gift budget when this happens, and stockings are a great way to hold down costs while giving every family member gifts.

Simply purchase old-fashioned holiday stockings for every member of the family, then choose several items each person can use such as fun socks or inexpensive small games, and wrap a few of them. Fit everything into the stocking and have a blast while watching them open their gifts.

Take advantage of rewards

Approximately 31% of card holders have never redeemed their credit card rewards. What good is that cashback program if you don’t use it? This season, redeem those credit card rewards in exchange for some gift cards you can give to friends and colleagues.

Or, you can redeem those rewards directly to your bank account, allowing you to spend them as creatively as you want. Just don’t be like most people and neglect them entirely.

Ditch the shops altogether

Time is one of the few things no one can ever get back, so taking the hours spent during the year watching television can be put to good use when it comes to saving money for the holidays. Making quilts, afghans, and scarves if you’re crafty can be an excellent way to give gifts that will keep them warm without the heat of debt.

There are many ways to save money without lessening the thoughtfulness behind giving a gift, so it is important to look around for new ideas all during the year. Taking a few extra minutes to think about the value of a gift other than the cost could end up making the holidays more memorable while keeping the buying budget in check.