The Coolest Summer Camps in The U.S.A

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Looking for something new and exciting for the kids to do this summer? Prepare for an amazing experience this summer at one of these intensive summer camps; from thrill rides to animal encounters and even a Major League Baseball experience, these are some of the best camps in the country.

8 of the Coolest Summer Camps in (and Near) the U.S.A.

Animation Camp at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Kids from age 8 -18 can learn about working in animation, from paper to screen at this delightful camp by the movie studio that started it all. Not a theme park, the Walt Disney Family Museum camp focuses on educating kids and teaching the ins and outs of animating. Depending on their age group, kids can learn to create their own short film, track the making of an animated movie from the initial sketch to the screen or learn about the artwork that goes into making an animated classic. Costs for these one week programs depend on the age group and program chosen, and range from $300 per young child to $900 for older teens.


Summer Camp at the San Diego Zoo

Kids from 1st to 12th grade can enjoy a diverse group of educational experiences at one of the top zoos in the world each summer. Programs focus on animal, their behaviors and habitats and instill a love of animals and learning that will last a lifetime.  Topics at Zoo Camp this year include Animal Outlaws, Backstage at the Zoo and Epic Survival of the Fittest.Each camp runs for a full week and  rates begin at $229 per student.


Space Camp at Kennedy Space Center

Learn about engineering and the marvels of outer space at this NASA approved STEM camp at Kennedy Space Center. Kids will learn about the rockets, robots and space stations that power our knowledge of the universe and get to explore everything the center has to offer. This weeklong camp is offered each summer and designed to develop interest in engineering, math and problem solving and is for grades 2-11. Tuition for Space Camp is $295 per child per week; this rate does not include tax.

Summer Explosives Camp at Missouri Science and Technology

Blowing things up – the right way. At this one of a kind camp experience, kids will learn all about explosions and safety. Designed with a strong STEM and safety focus, this unique Missouri S&T experience culminates in a student run fireworks display. Explosives Camp is a one of a kind program with a competitive entry process; once a student is accepted, the tuition is $1,400 per week, which includes room and board.


Fiji Shark Studies Camp by Broadreach

This camp combines the best of international travel with hands on learning about sharks and sea creatures. Designed for high school students, this once in a lifetime experience focuses on sharks and includes dives and research. Broadreach offers a variety of other summer camp programs, including some for families and adults. Ready to dive with the sharks? Expect to pay about $6,400 for the 24 day experience per camper; this camp offers optional school credit if desired.


Thrill Coaster Tours

This camp on wheels puts campers on board a luxury bus en route to some of the country’s best roller coaster rides. Thrill Coaster is offering two camp options this summer, each features a different itinerary and different coasters – both programs are all inclusive and include everything needed for a memorable and thrilling camp experience. Expect to pay from $1300 – $2995 per week, depending on your itinerary and how early you register; this all inclusive trip includes hotels, meals and extras, too.

A Thrill Coaster camp includes a stop in Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia, shown here;


Residential Summer Camp at Sea World Orlando

Summer camps at Sea World offer kids from 7th through 12th grade the chance to interact with animals, learn about veterinary care and animal careers. These unique camps help kids develop a love of learning and cultivate an interest in zoo keeping and animal care as a career. While this camp is in Orlando, SeaWorld offers a similar program at each of its locations. Prices for residential SeaWorld camp begin at $1.200 per camper; register early to be sure to secure a place in this popular camp.

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Summer Baseball Camps with the Boston Red Sox

This major league team sponsored camp features an array of exciting baseball themed activities for kids of all ages; you don’t have to be a great player to attend, just have a love for the game. Each session features behind the scenes tours, field trips and even a kid’s sized uniform to wear each day. The camp focuses on teamwork and the essentials of sportsman (or –woman)ship and the love of baseball. Expect to pay $559 per camper for the Red Sox experience; there are several weeks and packages to choose from.

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