Six Tips For Hiring The Best Seasonal Employees

Smaller retailers and merchants who often lack the resources of their larger counterparts may run into any number of problems when attempting to hire seasonal workers in order to expand their existing staff. Organizations that have only limited experience conducting a hiring process would do well to properly prepare themselves before seeking seasonal help.

From determining the scope of responsibilities for a newly-created position in advance to inviting existing workers to take a more active role in the hiring process, there are plenty of ways for employers to ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Start With a Clearly Defined Job Description

Failure to properly identify and define the scope of new employee responsibilities is a very common misstep, one that is made by countless small businesses seeking to fill a seasonal position.

Poorly defined job descriptions can make it more difficult for businesses to determine the number of new hires they need, find new employees faced with duties and responsibilities they may be unprepared for and complicate the hiring process in ways that may be difficult to anticipate. Creating a clear definition of all new positions long before conducting interviews or even advertising for help is always a smart move.

Networking, Referrals and Other Resources

Asking existing staff for referrals or networking among customers and clients in order to find promising candidates to fill seasonal positions entails a range of potential benefits. Minimizing the time, effort and financial resources that may be needed to attract the attention of qualified candidates may not be a concern that business owners can afford to discount.

Finding new talent by networking with existing customers and current employees may also help to foster a sense of community, one that may be invaluable when it comes to welcoming seasonal employees to the team.

Ensure Seasonal Workers Are Well Treated

Being able to rehire the same seasonal workers year after year can minimize or even eliminate much of the stress associated with conducting a hiring process. Going the extra mile to make certain all seasonal workers are well treated can significantly enhance long-term retention.

Employees who are well treated can also be of benefit in terms of workplace morale or the creation of a more positive and rewarding atmosphere. Past employees willing to return for an upcoming season may even be able to provide recommendations for their friends and associates, ensuring that even rapidly-growing businesses do not outpace their available labor pool.

Cultivating the Right Atmosphere and Environment 

The right workplace environment may benefit more than just hiring practices. The right atmosphere can enhance morale, minimize turnover and even benefit performance and efficiency levels.

Business owners who choose to make employee satisfaction a top priority are far less likely to encounter problems or complications when it comes time to hire seasonal staff. A positive work-place environment can be a key asset for businesses that are seeking to craft a better reputation.

Involving Existing Employees in the Hiring Process 

Employers would be wise to encourage their staff to take a more active role in the selection and hire of both full-time and seasonal employees. Finding out, too late, that new additions to the team may have trouble working together could lead to complications and potential disruptions that smaller retailers would do well to avoid entirely.

Soliciting opinions from existing employees regarding an applicant, asking the staff to sit in on an interview or giving the team final approval on potential hires can often make a substantial difference, especially for organizations that may have experienced problems in the past regarding seasonal staff expansion.

Getting an Early Start 

Waiting too long to advertise a position is often a very costly misstep. Having to rush the interview process or being left with no other option but to make due with a limited field of candidates could lead to many problems.

Businesses that are serious about finding only the best professionals and organizations who wish to ensure a more successful hiring process would be wise to get an early start. Businesses who addressing staffing issues as early as possible are far more likely to be prepared for seasonal increases in sales volume and business that might otherwise place strain on their existing resources.

Photo: Ben Askins / CC 2.0