Six Business Finance Lessons For The Year Of The Rooster

We have entered year of the fire rooster according to Chinese astrology. Whether you believe in astrology or not, your business can benefit from lessons the fire rooster has to teach us. Each animal of the Chinese zodiac calendar represents traits people want to embody and qualities that people struggle with. Here is a list of the main business finance lessons year of the rooster teaches:

Time Management

One of the rooster’s best character traits is using their time wisely. They are careful of how they allocate their time and with whom they spend it. Roosters understand the importance of being purposeful with their time because it’s one thing they can’t obtain more of. Once time has passed, it’s gone. Time management is helpful in business because it allows you to accomplish more and prevents you from overworking. If you implement time management skills, you’ll know better than to overwork and will have systems in place to ensure you get the work done that needs to be completed.

Use Impatience to Improve Productivity

A negative characteristic of fire roosters is impatience. However, impatience can be used to improve your productivity. If you suffer from impatience in your business, try offering a helping hand to someone who’s taking too long to complete a task. Or knock out another task on your to-do list to distract yourself and have the satisfaction of being productive.

Hard Work is Rewarded

Year of the fire rooster is not a year for slacking. Chinese Astrology warns that slacking could easily lead to unemployment in year of the fire rooster. It is a year in which application, effort, and hard work pay off. This is relevant to business owners because hard work is needed to make a company successful. Applying what you learn is also essential. If you never take action on what you learn, it’s not really benefiting you.

Strategic Planning

Roosters also teach the value of strategic planning, which is important for your business and finances. Strategic planning will help you reach your goals, know what steps to take, and shape who you want to become. Having a good business strategy will provide direction for employees and directors. It also gives them clearly defined goals to work toward.

Be Disciplined with Your Finances

Another strength of this Chinese zodiac animal is discipline. To apply discipline to your business’s finances, set financial goals and track your progress on them. Routinely check on the financial health of your business, so that you’re not met with unpleasant surprises. You want to catch a financial problem in its early stages before it grows into a bigger problem. Also pay attention to which money tactics work for you, so you can continue implementing them.

Do What You Do Best

Roosters are viewed as talented. The lesson you can take from this is to focus on handling only what you do best. Delegate everything else to someone who has talent in that particular field or area. This is common advice given to entrepreneurs from those who have built successful businesses.

Year of the rooster has many great lessons for business owners. If you’re aware of what this year is about, you will have a better year in business than you would have otherwise. Even if you don’t believe in Chinese astrology, these lessons are a good reminder of how to run a successful, profitable business.

Photo: bagsgroove / CC 2.0