5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy with Personal Checks

Checks are a convenient way to pay for not only rent and bills, but daily goods. Even as electronic payment options are on the rise, many people are rediscovering the ease of using checkbooks instead of relying on technology and cash. 

Making checks your preferred payment option comes with a lot of benefits. You can always have just the right amount to pay because you just need to fill it out on the spot. No need to transfer money, dig through change, or rely on electronics. You’ll also have a paper trail of exactly how much and when you spend. 

Checks can still be used to pay for nearly all types of personal items. All you need to know is what stores accept checks (many do!). 


Many popular grocery stores allow customers to pay by check. Did you know national favorites like Trader Joes and many regional shops like Winn Dixie, Dillons, and Safeway all accept checks?

Instead of transferring the money you need at the cashier line, by paying by check, you have one or two business days to ensure you have the correct funds, without the hassle of holding up the line. 


If you need new clothes for work, school, or recreation, get out your checkbook and head to the store. Many large department stores like Dillard’s, JCPenney, Kmart, Kohls, T.J. Maxx, and Macy’s all accept personal checks as payment. 

You’ll also be writing your own receipt alongside each purchase, so each time you spend on clothing, you can easily track how much you spend. Checks are the ideal means of payment for anyone on a budget. 

Pizza & Fast Food

Do you ever struggle to gather the right amount of bills and coins for your meal? Or maybe you’re looking to keep track of how much you spend on fast food? Make things simpler by choosing providers who accept checks. Many popular chains like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Applebee’s Chipotle Mexican Grill, and IHOP accept checks depending on the region. 

Each store is managed by their local regulations and rules determined by the manager. However, it is worth knowing which fast food businesses in your area accept checks, that way next time you’re looking for a quick meal it will be even easier!

Office Supplies

Luckily, the three main national office supply stores accept checks. Office Depot and OfficeMax offer regular check use and Staples accepts checks for in-store purchases and store pick up.

Paying by check is an excellent option for business expenses at office supply stores. By tax season you’ll be able to track exactly what purchases were made toward your enterprise.


If you’re wanting to invest in a new laptop, flat screen television, or even grab a new pair of earphones, you can pay by check at both Best Buy and Micro Center. 

Checks are ideal for large and expensive purchases because they are a safe and secure payment method. Each check has its own coded number that can be canceled by your bank, plus you can easily log the expense with the receipt copy.