5 Budget-Friendly Family Activities to Do During Summer Vacation

Planning a budget-friendly family vacation means you can create lasting memories without breaking the bank. You deserve some time away with your kiddos without stressing financially, so check out some of these affordable vacation ideas that you can try out this summer. 

1. Go on a Geocaching Adventure

Take your family on a real-life treasure hunt this summer with geocaching. This is an exciting outdoor activity that gets the whole family involved and is a very cost-effective form of entertainment. 

Your kids will feel like true adventurers using GPS coordinates to lead them to hidden objects. Plus, it’s easy to get started by simply downloading a geocaching app and locating hidden caches in your area. Then, embark on a day trip to go out and find the caches. 

Bring along a picnic lunch and you can make a whole day trip of it with your kids. All in all, you’ll find that geocaching is a great way to explore nature, work together as a team, and discover hidden gems in your surroundings all while staying within budget. 

2. Take a Historical Tour

Get to know what’s in your own backyard this summer by taking a historical tour in your local area. This can be a fun day trip for the whole family to learn more about the history of your town and spend some quality time with one another. 

Consider immersing your family in the local history by visiting museums and historical sites, or even taking walking tours led by knowledgeable guides. These places tend to have local or children’s discounts, so you won’t have to splurge to learn about the rich heritage of your area and create new memories with your family. 

3. Visit a Local Farm or Farmer’s Market

Another great day trip you can take with your family is to head out to a local farm or farmer’s market. This will help put a whole new perspective on your town and open your kids up to brand-new experiences. 

Have your kids engage in a hands-on learning experience and discover more about agriculture in your area by visiting a local farm. Do your research ahead of time to see what sites offer experiences for your children to interact with farm animals and learn about farming practices. 

If you don’t have a farm nearby that accepts visitors, you may want to check out any farmer’s markets in your area. There, you’ll find fresh produce, handmade goods, and other delicious treats that your children will devour. 

Enjoy the vibrancy of the market while supporting local businesses and having a great day out in the sunshine alongside your family. 

4. Go on a Reading Adventure

You can take your family on an adventurous excursion without even leaving your home! Visit your local library and borrow a variety of books that capture your family’s interests. Consider genres like adventure, mystery, or fantasy to really get your children’s imagination working and help them explore different dimensions and corners of the Earth. 

Create a summer-long reading challenge or book club where everyone can share their thoughts on the books you’re reading as a family. Not only is this a cost-effective activity to keep your kids entertained all summer, but it also promotes literacy, imagination, and quality time spent together. 

5. Have a Backyard Camping Trip

You don’t need to go far to have an exciting camping experience with the whole family. Set up the tent in the backyard and enjoy an evening under the stars! This is a great way to make a break in your regular routine and create a memorable experience, without a hefty price.

Share campfire stories, sing campfire songs, have a cookout, and cozy up in sleeping bags to get the true camping experience. In the morning, continue to enjoy the outdoors with a fun birdwatching session, a stroll outside, or cooking breakfast to finish off your backyard camping trip. 

Through each fun-filled option above you’ll be able to spend quality time with your family this summer, while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Select two or three of these affordable vacation ideas that are sure to bring joy to the whole family.