4 Reasons to Gift a Check this Valentine’s Day

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day it sure doesn’t make things easier. Dinner over Zoom just doesn’t offer the same intimacy and a shared movie alone in your separate spaces is, well, lonely. 

No worries. Now, more than ever, may be the perfect time to say I love you by sending a loved one a check to do the thing you’d love to be doing with them or as an extra something with a gift you’re sending. Here are a few reasons to seal your love with a check.

More Personal than Traditional Gifts

Sure, you could pick out a gift for your loved one that they might like. Or, you could gift them a check and encourage them to treat themselves and pick out something they know they’ll like. A gift check puts the power of decision in their hands. Oftentimes, the purpose of gifting is to receive something we wouldn’t otherwise buy for ourselves. 

Another romantic, ultra-personal idea is to give the one you love a check and let them know it’s to cover a date night event of their choice. In other words: you pay, they plan. This way, it’s still something you can share together. 

More Celebratory than Cash

Why worry about that cash you sent and whether it will actually make it to your loved one when checks are so much safer?  And you can have a little fun in the process. Choose an enchanting themed check like New Innocence for that son or daughter just to say, “I remember when.” 

Or, for the suggestion of a little smolder, send your sweetheart Skies of Pink to say everyday is a little warmer with them in your life.  

They’re Distance-Friendly 

If your relationship is long-distance and your sweetheart feels like they’re a world away, checks are much safer to send in the mail than cash. If a check goes missing, you can easily put a stop payment on it, while cash is lost to ether. 

Furthermore, you can still put a romantic touch on it. Maybe place the check in an envelope with flower petals, and dress up the envelope with a sweet and adorable Lovin’ Spoonfuls address label

Make It Part of Something Bigger

Whether you’re sending them long-distance or putting them in the hand of someone you love, a check can be a nice surprise included with the gift you are giving. Tuck one in a bouquet of flowers or nest it in a box of chocolates. 

For that in-person presentation, exercise your creativity by wrapping the check in lovely Valentines’ themed wrapping.  Get a little creative by putting the check in a custom designed envelope or a decorated box. Hide a check in a piece of clothing (just be sure it’s found before washing!) or wrap it around the neck of that special bottle of wine with a note for what it’s to be used for.

Even if you have a gift in mind, everyone likes a little extra something for Valentine’s Day.  And if you can’t be with the one you love, why not send a check and a note telling them what you’d like them to spend it on. 

They can buy a special gift to think of you by, or you can include instructions to call you while they have a special dinner or you can encourage them to pamper themselves with a trip to the spa, a show, or a few days away. Make sure you write what the gift check is intended for in the Memo section.

We can’t always be with those we love.  But we can make their lives a little brighter with the gift or experience we wish we could share with them. Of course some gifts are just too big or too risky to send by mail. But a check isn’t. And a lovely Valentine’s Day check offers the flexibility for your loved one to get the thing they most want or to purchase that trip they’ve been dreaming of . . . maybe even to see you.